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All Current as of 11/14/2023

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Federal 9mm(FMJ) 115gr 50rds $22.99

Fiochhi 9mm(FMJ) 115gr 50rds $14.99

PMC 9mm (FMJ) 115/124gr 50rds $19.99 Now $14.99

Winchester 9mm (FMJ) 115gr 100rds $33.99

PMC 9mm (JHP) 115gr 50rds $24.99

Ammo Inc. 9mm (JHP) 115gr 20rds $29.99

Federal 9mm Hydra-shock (JHP) 124gr 20rds $19.99

Hornady AG 9mm XPT (JHP) 115gr 20rds $24.99

Sig 9mm V-Crown (JHP) 115gr 20rds $22.99



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AK Surplus

AK (Tula Bakelite 7.62x39)- 30rds $99.99

                                                                                 AK (Izhmash Bakelite 7.62x39)- 30rds $109.99

AK (Izhmash aluminum waffle 7.62x39)- 30rds $120.99 

(Korean 7.62x39)- 30rds $25

AK (Yugo BHO 7.62x39)-30rds $21.99

AK (Tula Bakelite 7.62x39)- 30rds $99.99

AK (Polish Tantal 5.45x39)- 30rds $49.99

AK (ROMY 7.62x39)- 30rds $19.99

Polish Tantal AK74 Mag 5.54x39)-30rds $49.99

Polish AK47 Mag 7.62x39)-30rds $24.99

Russian AK Accessory Pack $51.95

AK Accessory Pack $19.99

Russian AK Mag Pouch $15.99

ROMY Wood Stock Set (Red) $139.99

Yugo M70 Handguard (Green) $59.99

Yugo M70 Handguard $59.99

Bandito M70 Walnut furniture $149.99

Yugo AK Pistol Grip $9.99

Collectable Knives & Blades

Rambo FB II (Signature Edition) Movie Knife HCG (Blk)


Rambo III (20th Anniversary) Movie Knife HCG


Rambo LB Heart Stopper Movie Knife HCG


Rambo FB (Signature Edition) Movie Knife HCG (Grn)


Rambo III Movie Knife HCG


Gil Hibben 

Old West

Boot Kinfe UC


Gil Hibben




Rambo III

(Signature Edition) Movie knife HCG

(No sheath)


Rambo III Movie Knife HCG


Pictures Below For Display Only!! (Go to Firearm Picture Inventory tab for current!)


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