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Clint Eastwood "Man With No Name" movie reproduction .38spl with 7.5" barrel, 6 shot. You can hang 'em high or paint the town red with this 1851 Navy cartridge conversion revolver. Either way, this spitting image replica of the 1851 Navy model used by Clint Eastwood in the 1960s spaghetti westerns will surely set you apart from other sixgunners! Retaining a Civil War-era, black powder style loading lever, yet converted to handle modern factory smokeless cartridges in .38 Colt or .38 S&W Special, this 7 1/2-inch, octagonal barreled smokewagon is finished in blue and color casehardening, with a brass back strap and trigger guard. However, its handsome period varnished, walnut grips are uniquely inlaid with the Man with No Name's signature sterling silver rattlesnake, giving this revolver the appearance of being coiled and ready to strike! Here's a cartridge conversion sixgun, introduced by Cimarron that definitely stands out from the crowd!

LIMITED Cimarron 1851 MWNN Conv. Navy .38spl with 7.5" barrel, 6 shot.

  • Here's your chance to own a piece of movie history with this limited edition Man with No Name reproduction revolver.


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