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DBG Firearms Safety Training Course

Handgun training & safety guidelines, firearm cleaning & maintenance, Indiana state laws & regulations (Including constitutional carry), home defense advisement, and executing a " Home Defense Plan".  Plus Indiana Castle Doctrine and SYG clarity & interpretation, O&A and much more...

Pricing/Dates and Sign-Up Info Below!

What Our Customers Are Saying

Scott M - 10/22/2022

"Probably one of the coolest shops I've seen set up. Very knowledgeable and very blunt which is a great thing. Not pushy with sales at all just wants to help you get into a setup you want. If your not sure he is great with helping weed out the bad and good to help you better your decision. If your new and don't have very much knowledge with guns he offers a very extensive safety class that will blow you away with information.  P.S best priced class and most informational as well. Don't hesitate to stop in and check out what he has!"


Class Prices/Dates


$50 Individual/ $90 Couple


Cash or Cards Accepted

1.5-2 Hours (based on Class Size

Wed 5:00-6:30 pm  (16 ppl Max)

Sat 9:30-11:00 am  (16 ppl Max)


Call today to sign up!

(219) 765-3479

Wed 03/06 - Open

Sat 03/09 - 12 Spots Available

Wed 03/13 - 8 Spots Available

Sat 03/16 - 9 Spots Available



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